Month: June 2019

nest hello

Review : Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Just to set the stage for this review, it might be a little biased because I'm a Google fan boy. I've 2 x Google Home, 1 x Google Home Mini, 1 x Google Max and 1 x Google Nest Hub (previously named Google Home Hub). Not to mention I've converted my wife from an iPhone to Pixel 3 XL so that she can simply ask "Hey Google, where is my phone" (Something that she used to ask me few times a day). I'm...
Ambi Climate

Review : Ambi Climate V2 (and Homey Integration)

This may be a very late review of the Ambi Climate but we were recently quite impressed by some of its features. For starters, Ambi Climate is a A.I driven air conditioner smart controller that was launched on Kickstarter October 2014. Competing products like Sensibo and Tado that only works as a internet connected AC. Ambi Climate notched up by taking users input on whether the room feels...