Z-Wave Smart Home Control with Amazon Echo

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The Amazon Echo was released last year to a limited number of customers via invitation. I’ve gotten my invitation and it finally reached me 2 weeks ago. For those who do not know what an Echo is, this is their official YouTube video. The first time I saw Echo, like…

Energy Monitoring with Z-Wave

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The topic of energy monitoring is not new. Even though the energy tariff in Singapore is not exactly the highest, it is definitely not low enough to ignore the need to gain insights from your energy consumption patterns and adjust your usage accordingly. It has also been a growing trend, especially…

Living Innovations @ Internet of Things Asia 2015

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“According to a recent IDC report (February 2015), the Internet of Things market size in Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) will grow from USD 408 billion in 2013 to USD 862 billion in 2020, a CAGR of 11.3%. Significant growth also is forecast in the number of autonomous intelligent/embedded systems,…

Review : Vera Edge

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Once again, apologies for the long absence of post. I’ve previously posted some pictures of the new Vera Edge on Home Automation Geeks but took a while to follow up a review. Considering many of the readers may be already familiar with Vera Lite and Vera 3, or may have…

Affordable Home Automation Solutions

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If you are planning to turn your home into a smart home then you must go for home automation systems.  Whether it is concerned to security of your home or you wish to control the appliances, these automation solutions serve you with everything. In the busy schedules of today’s life, men…

Review : MCO Home Capacitive Touch Z-Wave Switch

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A capacitive touch z-wave wall switch is something that was missing from the market for the longest time. Vitrum Z-Wave wall switch, costing more than SGD 200 even for one gang, has been around for sometime but the price was simply beyond the reach of many hobbyists or home owners….

Integrating Foscam IP Camera to Your Vera

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I’ve always gotten enquires like “what can be used as CCTV for home automation”. As far as I know, Vera or Fibaro Home Center 2 does not integrate with the conventional CCTV. However, if you want some form of surveillance camera to work with your home automation system, you can…

Android Smart Phone for Smart Home (Google Now Edition)

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This post serves as a update for my readers who are Tasker fanatics. If you had followed my previous guide on AutoVoice tasker to create custom voice control for your smart home, you might have hoped that you can simply speak the command and your smart home does the magic….

Domotics is now operating via Automate.Asia!

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Dear Readers, Thank you for your support over the past 2 years. I’ve started this blog to share my passion for setting up affordable home automation system, specifically in Singapore context. Of course, I started to do and share crazy stuff I did at home. It was originally for fun…

Smart Home Announcement System with Sonos

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I’ve previously posted a video that demonstrated the capability of text to speech (TTS) with Sonos Play 3. This was achieved by installing the Sonos Pluginin Vera. However, I found the response time of the setup rather inconsistent. On top of that, after updating the plugin to the latest version,…