Android Smart Phone for Smart Home (Google Now Edition)

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This post serves as a update for my readers who are Tasker fanatics. If you had followed my previous guide on AutoVoice tasker to create custom voice control for your smart home, you might have hoped that you can simply speak the command and your smart home does the magic….

Domotics is now operating via Automate.Asia!

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Dear Readers, Thank you for your support over the past 2 years. I’ve started this blog to share my passion for setting up affordable home automation system, specifically in Singapore context. Of course, I started to do and share crazy stuff I did at home. It was originally for fun…

Smart Home Announcement System with Sonos

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I’ve previously posted a video that demonstrated the capability of text to speech (TTS) with Sonos Play 3. This was achieved by installing the Sonos Pluginin Vera. However, I found the response time of the setup rather inconsistent. On top of that, after updating the plugin to the latest version,…

Review : Fibaro Motion Sensor

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The Fibaro motion sensor is a battery powered motion sensor that looks like a weird eyeball. It is compact enough to squeeze into small spaces. In my opinion the smallest motion sensor that I’ve reviewed and the best looking one so far. The following are some pictures of the sensor.        …

Automate Motorized Sliding Door With Z-Wave

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Just when I thought I’ve almost automate everything in my home, I came across a retrofit sliding door motor. I’ve found it quite dumb to have to close the sliding door for my kitchen whenever I turn the air-conditioning on. I’ve been mulling over the possibility of becoming even lazier…

Electrical Wiring Guide for Z-Wave Switches – Fibaro Edition

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This post is a follow up from my previous post on electrical wiring guide. Seems like even with the guide and the wiring digram from Fibaro, some electricians were still not able to get it right, especially for wiring of the Fibaro 2 * 1.5kw relay to a 2 gang switch. A…

Review : Broadlink RM2 Infrared Blaster

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Previously, I’ve talked about using SQ Blaster Plus to automate your home entertainment system. However, SQ Blaster Plus seems to be perpetually out of stock and not replying to a ny email queries anymore. Except for occasional disconnection from the wifi network, it was a good product consumer, with extensive…

Review : Danalock Z-Wave Smart Lock for Home Automation

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I’ve been looking for a Z-Wave lock to complete my home automation project (Lights, home entertainment, air conditioning, curtains and blinds checked!). However, Z-Wave lock for European Z-Wave frequencies are very rare. In fact, there seems to be only Vision door locks around but I simply cannot tolerate the look…

Review: Z-Wave Multi-Sensors (Aeon Labs and Philio)

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There are quite a few brands of Z-Wave multi-sensors in the market. They are a good addition if you like to make your home automation slightly smarter. However, not every brand works the same way. Recently I’ve tried 2 brands. One of them which caught my attention is Philio 4-in-1…

Voice Controlled Motorised Curtain and Blind

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One more step to complete my home automation project by installing an automated curtain and blind to my smart home 2 weeks ago. Yep, I’m obsessed with the crazy hobby of mine. I’ve been watching the curtain opening and closing just by voice or push of a button and the…