Home Automation Guide : SQ Blaster Plus

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As promised in my previous posts, I’d like to highlight some of the annoyances to take note when using SQ Blaster Plus, IR distribution system and, especially for Singaporean home automation enthusiasts, the Starhub setup box. In this post, I’m assuming that my readers (my fellow geeks) already possessed some knowledge…

3 Options for Automating your TV Console/Home Entertainment

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First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy 2013. Apologies for the lack of topics for the past two weeks as I’ve gone for a holiday and now I back with more Zwave devices 🙂 But let’s regress to the topic. Indeed, Zwave is one of the cheapest alternatives…

Value Propositions for Home Automation

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  Following last week’s topic on Guide to Z-Wave based home automation in Singapore, I’ve decided to remind my readers to pause and think, instead of writing another guide. For geeks, implementing home automation is satisfying and to fellow enthusiasts, it’s definitely cool. However, when I showed the system to some…

Guide to Z-Wave based home automation in Singapore

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From my previous post, if you have decided that you’d like to engage a professional or DIY  a home automation system based on a wireless protocol, you may consider Z-Wave. In this article, I’d like to go a bit more detailed for installing a Z-Wave based home automation, especially in…

First 5 things to consider for home automation in Singapore

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Planning and researching for home automation is a daunting task. Especially in Singapore where the market is almost non-existence with the exception of a few players who charge an arm or a leg for implementation. There are tons of variables to consider, including whether or not you’re going wired or…