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Price List for Z-Wave Devices in Singapore

On September 1, 2013, Posted by , In Articles, With 4 Comments

Please proceed to for the complete list of items. The information provided below is for reference only and the prices in the Automate Asia website should supersede this price list.

This is the list of ZWave devices that has been tested and suitable for use in Singapore. The prices listed here are nett price and subjected to changes (due to exchange rates).

Of course, if you like to purchase items outside of this list, feel free to let me know as well. You may drop me an an email ([email protected]) or just leave a comment here. 

 Image Device Type Device Name Price
  Controller Vera Lite S$250
  Controller Vera 3 S$380
  Controller Fibaro Home Center 2 S$980
Switch TKB Single Paddle Wall Switch S$70
  Switch TKB Double Paddle Wall Switch S$80
  Switch Fibaro Relay Insert 1 * 3 KW S$95
  Switch Fibaro Relay Insert 2 * 1.5 KW S$95
  Curtain Controller Fibaro Curtain/Shutter Relay S$95
  RGB LED Controller Fibaro RGBW S$95
  Door Sensor Fibaro Door Sensor S$80
  Switch Duwi Everlux Set Switch S$60
  Dimmer Duwi Everlux Set Dimmer S$60
  Plugin Switch TKB UK Plugin Switch S$60
  Plugin Switch TKB UK Plugin Dimmer S$60
  Plugin Switch Everspring UK Plugin Switch S$55
  Plugin Switch Everspring UK Plugin Dimmer S$55
  Motion Sensor Everspring Motion Sensor S$60
  Door Sensor Everspring Door/Window Sensor S$60
  Remote Z-Wave Key Fob S$65
  Aircon Controller Remotec Z-Wave IR Extender S$150
  Door Lock Z-Wave Door Lock S$420

The online store will be launching soon! Stay tuned!


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  1. Arif says:

    How can i make purchase and get your advice inperson or via telecommunication?

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