The wait is finally over! You can now buy Pixel 2 phone, Google Home (and Mini), Google Wifi, Chromecast and the Pixel Bud locally with local warranty at comparable price US Google Store!

While the news were plastered all over Straits Time and Channel News Asia, describing what the standard stuff that Google Home can do, you know, asking about weather and traffic, speaking Singlish and playing of music. Here’s how we are already using with it:

1. Control your home with custom commands

Yes, this is not new but how about custom commands that controls a few things at once instead of just turn this and and that on or off. Just say ” Ok Google, romantic mode” or “Ok Google, you know what you should do”


2. Request status of your home

Well, we can also check if the door is locked and how much energy you are using now.

3. Play music everywhere

Playing music on 1 Google Home is boring. Playing on multiple speakers is more shiok (according to Google Home). Just say “Ok Google, play spotify on all speakers”. Trust me, it sounds better than you’ll expect.

4. Broadcast your S.O.S for toilet paper

When you are in the toilet and you realised you have ran out of paper? Just say “Ok Google, broadcast can someone bring me the toilet paper?” and the world will come to your rescue 🙂

So if you like your Google Home to do more for your home, just drop us a note!

Source : Automate Asia